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28 y/o Chicago native Hannah Heavin aspired

to perform as an Artist of many talents.

Thoughts of Broadway led her to study at

Millikin University, and her career blossomed into

Sound and Live Entertainment throughout the Windy City.


Hannah is a pro DJ, Singer, Dancer, and Music Producer. 


She returned home to Chicago after graduation to continue paving a way for herself in a highly competitive entertainment industry. Hannah started her small business in June 2019 after succeeding a worldwide Instagram sponsorship from Roland Aira & Serato on her Golden birthday. 


She has over 11 years of professional experience in special events, and now employs her skills as a traveling DJ, Singer, Recording Artist and Event Producer. Hannah’s open format mixing is a crowd pleasing vibe you won’t want to miss!


Dedicated to lending a helping hand, her expertise is best paired with anyone seeking to host an event of any kind, optimize a realistic budget, and have a great time!


Read Hannah's Resume

Hannah is also available to teach private lessons for Voice, Piano, DJ, and Producer study.


Consultations are TOTALLY $ FREE


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